Bashir Fistula


1. SEO

2. Social Media Management

3. Content Marketing

4. Website Developmenty

5. Branding


Bashir Fistula Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to increasing awareness of Obstetric Fistula and improving the quality of life of Obstetric Fistula patients.


1. Limited donors

2. Lack of resources to raise funds

3. Lack of enough brand visibility

4. Low social media engagement


1. A well designed website for the organisation

2. Engaging marketing strategy for raising funds

3. Creative contents for awareness

4. Social media engagements to attract new donors

5. Graphics design

6. Shirt Branding

7. Awareness marketing strategy


1. 78% increase in donation from new audience

2. 21% increase in Organic website traffic

3. Improved Online visibility with 46%

4. 58% increase in engagement and participants

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